Hello November! Where in the world has 2017 gone y’all?

Seriously though.  Is it just me or did we blink and jump from January to today?  We’ve spent the entire month of October in Montgomery, AL for a 7 week training Brenton.  It’s coming to an end!  Only one week left and we start our journey back to the frozen tundra.  Not really but the tundra but close enough… it’s currently snowing in Spokane.  Sooooo yeah, that should be a fun drive through Montana and Idaho next week.

Let me introduce you to my favorite furry office assistant, Sadie! Our 4 year old chocolate lab.  She’s the best office assistant, constantly keeping me on my toes and cleans up my kitchen messes for me.  Seriously the best and only works for food.  She is the most constant thing in my life this season.  An absolute gift from God so it’s only natural to showcase her!

I’ve been mostly stuck in the house with Sadie and our housemate’s two lab mixes, one of which is name twins our Sadie (so that’s been easy to remember and yellow Sadie made an appearance on here as well as some dog park friends).  We’ve done a lot of recipe developing and jogs around the neighborhood.  Sadie’s favorite activity by far has been our countless trips to the doggie park. We say the word and she’s at the door in a hot second and in the car as soon as we open the door.  If she’s not at the doggie park she’s waiting patiently by the front door looking for daddy’s car to pull up.

Our sweet Sadie celebrated her 4th birthday last week!  I can’t believe it! I mean… she was just the cutest little monster who put holes in all my favorite clothes and drew blood with all those puppy teeth!  But I have forgotten such follies about her and love every bit of her to death.  She is my companion during the long and lonely deployments and some days the only other warm blooded thing I interact with.  Happy 4th birthday to our sweet girl! <3 Love you to pieces!

The following photos were taken without consent and with a lot of false promised treats per usual.  Sadie couldn’t careless about me taking photos of her… makes for a moody puppy.  You would think she would be use to it by now and basically modeling for me.  But alas, like father like daughter!